“Soul Sister” Leaf Earrings


Light, simple, neutral.

An uncomplicated leaf design that is easy to wear with any outfit.

From a weekend t-shirt to a crisp white shirt in the office, these hand carved earrings are handy to have on hand.

A very versatile addition to your fair trade collection.

Fair Trade and Handmade in India

Material: Ethically sourced bone (a by-product of local food production)

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Ayaz ASHA Fair Trade Handmade Artisan

Artisan Story
Artisan Ayaz has been working in the field of horn and bone handicrafts for 20 years now, with the profession being passed down from his father who has been in the field for over 35 years. Ayaz makes photo frames, boxes, bangles, earrings, necklaces, and paper clips out of wood, bone, horn, and resin.

Ayaz has differentiated his handicrafts by using a family art form, distinct from everything else all the while maintaining a very high quality of product.

Ayaz employs 11 artisans of whom 6 are employed directly in his workshop and the remaining work out of their homes. Sorting and packing is carried out on-site and is entirely carried out by him and a few family members in his living room.

Ayaz does not permit child labour, not only because it is illegal, but because Ayaz strongly believes that this is a shameful thing to do. He also personally makes sure that any work outsourced to artisans, who work from home is also child labour free.

Ayaz appreciates Fair Trade. He and his artisans are leading happier lives, they are paid well, their children are being helped, and some of their homes have been repaired. In the last few years he has seen an increase in his trading volume with Asha Handicrafts.

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