Our People

In our family we all have different ideas of what makes a good holiday, from resorts with swim up bars to off the beaten track and living like the locals.

Bali - Meet The Team
Phang Nga Bay Thailand - Meet The Team
Hong Kong - Meet The Team
9 Arch Bridge Sri Lanka - Meet The Team
Hoi An Vietnam - Meet The Team

I like to walk everywhere so that I am immersed in what’s going on around me, while hubbie prefers a taxi. What we do all have in common is our love of this amazing world and it’s people.

With its culture, food, architecture and history, every place we visit is full of stories to hear and people to meet.

Matera - Meet The Team
My Son Vietnam - Meet The Team
Lake Titicaca Peru - Meet The Team
Great Wall Of China - Meet The Team
Bali - Meet The Team

Our home is filled with reminders of our travels. No souvenirs for us, just lovely handmade pieces that evoke the feeling of where we have been and the memory of who we met.

Handprint Alliance is an extension of our love of beautiful handmade pieces.  It is a way for you to create an ambience of global living, while giving a talented artisan an opportunity to create a beautiful home for their own family.

Venice - Meet The Team
Galapagos Islands - Meet The Team
Sophie - Covering Our Shifts
River Kwai - Meet The Team
Cambodia - Meet The TeamCambodia - Meet The Team
Vila - Meet The Team

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