“Aztec Evening” Necklace


This beautiful necklace was handmade in Peru.

The colours of this necklace are absolutely gorgeous, but when set off by the alpaca silver…well its just divine.

Wear it anywhere with anything, and as often as you can!

Fascinating layers of teal, green, yellow and black dyed resin give it a mesmerising effect that completely draws you in.

43cm long with a 10cm extender

Fair Trade and Handmade in Peru using alpaca silver and dyed resin.

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Manos Amigas Fair Trade Handmade Artisan Julio

Artisan Story
"Artesanias Julio's" is a micro enterprise of handicraft production directed by Mr. Julio Jaramillo Cortez. It has been producing silver jewelry since 1999. Julio Jaramillo (51) was born in Ancash north of Lima, in a hamlet called Jimbe, near Chimbote. The Jaramillo family consists of his wife Rocio (39, born in Trujillo, La Libertad) and his 2 Lima children Julio (16) and Fernando (14).

"I started in 1988 with some friends who made craft. From 1988 to 1993 we produced large quantities of custom jewelry made in coconut, fish scales, seeds and alpaca with varied stones. Little by little we began working with silver and with resin. When silver got too expensive, we began working our designs in alpaca and in bronze. My motto has always been to do my best."

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Weight13 g
Dimensions43 cm


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