Rebirth Kaminaljuyu “Night” Bracelet


The inspiration for the Rebirth collection comes from the hidden treasures of the archeological Mayan site Kaminaljuyu.

“This city tells us the origin. A place where night and secrets are revealed, where love and the language of beauty were created; where stone and obsidian were carved into new shapes. Everything happens in this place, an opportunity for this ancient city to come back to life, a story that must be remembered…” WAKAMI

Handmade bracelet of gray metallic and glass beads on waxed thread, with a dark metallic charm and clasp. This bracelet represents the origin of an ancestral Mayan city, the glyph it has symbolises “The Night”.

The REBIRTH KAMINAL JUYU range makes a perfect gift for the guys.

Size: Approximately 20.5cm

Materials: Waxed polyester thread, glass beads, zinc alloy.

Fair Trade and Handmade In Guatemala

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Wakami Artisan Story
My name is Felicito, I’m 29 years old and I work in Sembrando Sonrisas. Since the group started in 2010 I have been the leader. I dream that one day I will become the Mayor of Jocotan. I do not believe we have to wait for free things and opportunities. We have to invest and work for our dreams if we want to see them come true.


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