“Mandala” Golden Treasures Inspirational Bracelet


“Mandala means sacred circle, center, wheel, all, the essence. It can be a guide to position ourselves in our deepest center integrating the different aspects of our life. This bracelet reminds you of the importance of spiritual balance. Ask the universe to open new doors, to sprout your creativity and inner wisdom. Wear it proud and begin the journey to your essence!”

A collection of 6 bracelets made with a 24K gold bath. Each bracelet has a pre-Hispanic design charm with an inspiring message that speaks of its symbolism

Size: Adjustable to 24.5cm

Fair Trade and Handmade in Colombia

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Sapia Fair Trade Artisan Magdaly Handmade Necklaces Sapia Handmade Fair Trade Artisan Magdaly With Family

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Dimensions19 cm


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