“Tree Of Life” Indian Rosewood Tray


Bring the exotic Land of Spices into your home with a jali work “Tree of Life” carved into Indian rosewood.

This exquisite tray is not an item to be hidden away in a cupboard!

As part of the Rosewood family, Indian Rosewood (sheesham wood) has rich luscious hues ranging from light golden brown through to a deep reddish brown.

Combined with the spectacular jali work that is seen throughout India, including the Taj Mahal, this tray is a unique way to bring a touch of India into your decor.

Fair Trade and Handmade by an artisan in India

Materials: Indian Rosewood (sheesham wood)

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Usman ASHA Fair Trade Handmade Artisan Asha Handicrafts Fair Trade Artisan

Artisan Story
Usman’s business is a family business established by 32 year old Mohd Usman, the eldest son from a family of artisans.

Usman has been working with Asha for the past 7 years. His brothers Suleman, 30 years and Reham, 28 years, work alongside him in creating various unique handicrafts, while his 2 youngest brothers are still in school. His wife, sister and mother also contribute to the business by polishing and finishing their unique wooden handicrafts.

Usman’s father is a wood work artisan as well. Due to the financial pressure of raising a large family, Usman’s father could not afford to send his children to school after the eighth grade. With this increasing financial pressure, Usman and his siblings were forced to look for work. He was able to find employment as a fitter, where he honed the woodwork skills he had learnt from his family. Usman was always interested in handicrafts but it wasn’t a choice he made wholeheartedly, dreaming of doing different things at different stages of his life. Usman, however, credits his interest in wooden handicrafts and his family’s heritage as his main motivators for improving his craft and starting his own business.

Usman hopes to grow his business and has plans to do so through new samples and designs. He hopes that one day his business will grow enough to be a stable business. He is grateful for Asha Handicrafts business and co-operation with him and appreciates the time and effort Asha’s staff takes to help him resolve any problems or difficulties.

Additional information

Weight1000 g
Dimensions44.5 × 29 × 4.5 cm


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