“Journeyman” Chulucanas Bowl


With an inspired blending of cultures, this pottery bowl is handmade in Peru, and decorated with African warrior markings.

In textured matte black, it is tactile and earthy, with the tangible ambience of history, journeys and culture.

Presented atop its 2cm pedestal base, the elevation of the bowl only adds to its appeal.

The neutral matte black finish ensures its primitive, tribal presence easily integrates into any colour scheme.

Chulucanas is a village in the North of Peru where potters still use the pre-Columbian art of creating patterns with the negative-positive technique, and firing pots with mango leaves.

Fair Trade and Handmade by an artisan in Peru.

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Artisan Story
Alex is an artisan and entrepreneur in Chulucanas. Doing business in Peru is a complex road and requires a lot of courage. Alex became a potter to help his uncle Jose many years ago and from his uncle he learned all the secrets of making pots.

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Weight770 g
Dimensions20 × 20 × 7 cm


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