Chulucanas Peruvian Ram


This Peruvian ram is looking for a place at your house and I don’t know how you can say no to that face!

In a contemporary twist to pottery figurines the designer created abstractions of rams and llamas that are found all over Peru.

Modern and innovative, it will be easy to find a place to add these cool guys to your fair trade decor.

The handmade pottery llama is also available.

Chulucanas is a village in the North of Peru where potters still use the pre-Columbian art of creating patterns with the negative-positive technique, and firing pots with mango leaves.

Fair Trade and Handmade by an artisan in Peru

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Alex Artisan Chulucanas Pottery

Artisan Story
Alex is an artisan and entrepreneur in Chulucanas. Doing business in Peru is a complex road and requires a lot of courage. Alex became a potter to help his uncle Jose many years ago and from his uncle he learned all the secrets of making pots.

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